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Everyone who digs wants to know how productive their digging crews are.  Graduate from old-school clicker/counters and hoping that your guys are reporting their bucket counts correctly.  Use an Android phone or tablet and use the LogicAll Solutions (LAS) Bucket Counter to help make your operation current. 


Easy to use interface including buttons for settings, crane operator login, and of course a large button to increment bucket counts. A fifteen second countdown simulates the reality of the minimum time it takes to dig and discourages the operator from driving up his count by spamming the button.  Settings include the name/ID of the crane the operator is working in, minimum and maximum bucket tonnage, who to email process data to, and subscription ID if one has been purchased. 



Each time an operator logs in, an email is sent to a designated email address which includes:
Time Stamp of the login
Who logged in
Who was logged out
Their bucket count
Tons processed*



Subscribers to our Bucket Counter monitoring service will receive an email whenever the crane has been sitting idle for more than 15 minutes. 

As an example:
  You receive an alert email.  If there is no scheduled maintenance, then you have been notified that something may be preventing the crane from digging.  Downtime costs you money so use this app to help minimize the time your crane is down.** 

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Example of a Notification Email: Example of an Alert Email:

 Subscribe to receive idle alert emails! 

To use your subscription, start the Bucket Counter app and push the Settings button.  Then select Subscription ID and enter the 'Profile ID No.' from your PayPal subscription receipt.  When your subscription has been processed on our servers, we will send you a notification email if an address is available.  If your subscription is not active within 24 hours, please send an email to support@logicallsolutions.net and we will check your account.



* Tons per bucket is a simulated value which can be random or a set value if you have an average tons per bucket value you would prefer to use.  The minimum tons and maximum tons values are used to create a random value - set the minimum and maximum tons to the same amount to force the tonnage calculation to that value.
** Note that the app is monitoring the operator's interaction with the screen and the alert is based on the bucket count no longer going up over time.