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Global Versions of its TerraRover GPS Products are Released

Press release – June 28, 2010

LogicAll Solutions (LAS) has released the NEW global versions of its GPS and mapping TrailBlazer and Boom Monitor GL software products for use in North America, South America, Europe, Australia and the Asia Pacific region.  These products are targeted for use on vehicles with booms used in mining and industrial applications to include cargo handling, device placement, and for anti-collision applications.

“The products include support for two GPS receivers and have been revised to be ‘global capable’ for use anywhere in the world,” said David Hoskins, President of LogicAll Solutions.  Now a site located anywhere on the globe can take advantage of our products.  Demonstration applications are available on the website which present an accurate display of what an operator will see on the screen in their part of the world. 

The products have been improved to add Production Line Processing, a highly recognized feature utilized across its TerraRover Product Line.  David goes on to state that “the use of this feature is the moneymaker for our customers because it improves efficiency and productivity.”  

These products are now available for purchase from our website at GPS.LogicAllSolutions.Net, and may be ordered through our sales representatives or directly from LogicAll Solutions.

About LogicAll Solutions – Based in Bradenton Florida, LAS provides a family of products and systems which leverage GPS technology and are primarily utilized by the mining industry and other industrial markets.  These TerraRover monitoring products are designed to improve vehicle efficiency to include safety monitoring, geo-fencing, data logging, production reports and other permitting compliance data. They are ideal for use on dragline cranes, barges, booms, dredges, drill rigs, excavation equipment and other industrial oriented off-road heavy equipment. Additional information can be found at www.logicallsolutions.net.

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