LAS Dredge Monitor
The LogicAll Solutions (LAS) Dredge Monitor™ is an innovative application for dredges and water borne vehicles. The system monitors a single GPS receiver and automatically calculates the current location of the dredge. Position and orientation are displayed real-time to assist operators to make the most effective and efficient use of their vehicle.

The LAS Dredge Monitor™ is ideally suited for use in dredges to increase productivity, and in any water based vehicle which is required to follow a designated course. If production lines - such as the dated line pictured above - are entered into the system, the vehicle’s distance from the currently selected line is automatically calculated and displayed on the screen.

Reporting has been added to the system to allow the user to provide documented proof of where your dredges have been.  Great for keeping the EPA satisfied.


Data Sheet

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MS PowerPoint

Overview of the Dredge Monitor
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Example of how the Dredge Monitor can be used. ~ NEW
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