LAS TerraRover TrailBlazer
The LogicAll Solutions (LAS) TerraRover TrailBlazer™ will help drivers or operators navigate light industrial and offroad vehicles to designated locations by displaying their current position relative to their selected destination. Perfect for designating loading and unloading locations along with the routes to and from those locations. The LAS TerraRover TrailBlazer™ provides for the use of single or many destination coordinates.

The operator interface displays the current location, the destination, and the distance between the points. Directional arrows are displayed on the screen to help the vehicle operator in steering to the precise locations. Ideal for any situation where you need your resources moved to specific locations.  The LAS TerraRover TrailBlazer™ is available for North America, Europe and Global use.

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LAS TerraRover TrailBlazer™
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