LAS Boom Monitor  

The LAS Boom Monitor™ system is intended for use on vehicles and systems which have a boom which can be monitored but there is no need to record weight and/or production information.  This system is perfect for cranes which have "keep out" zones to be aware of.  The zones may be displayed on the screen and the operator can see real-time where the tip of the boom is in relation to the zones.  Operators can also mark the current position of the boom’s tip and can use this as an additional visual indicator to set their own limits.

Typical uses for the LAS Boom Monitor™

Surface Mining – with boom position feedback, the operator can excavate along GPS designated lines without the need for stakes or other markers.  Marking their progress on the screen helps operators in wet mining or night operations to keep track of where they have been digging, maximizing the amount of material excavated. 

Cargo Handling – using a button to mark the edges of a hold or unloading area, the crane operator can then use the boom position feedback to assist in moving cargo into and around the area. 

Safety – with the push of a button, the operator can designate the limits of how far the boom can swing without danger of collision.  When the boom approaches the coordinates of a marker, the operator will see this on the screen and be able to stop or slow their motion accordingly.  If the crane operator needs to be aware of the location of a vehicle, it’s location can be marked on the screen and the crane operator will be better able to keep the crane’s boom clear.

Systems consist of a rugged 12” touchscreen screen PC with sub-meter accuracy GPS receivers.  The LogicAll Solutions’ software suite included with the systems has the following features:

  • Displays current position on map

  • Orientation of the boom and location of the boom’s tip

  • Displays production lines and the distance of the boom tip from the currently selected line

  • Unlimited number of production lines (toe of pile and no-entry zones) can be established ranging from parallel lines to grid formations

  • USB flash drives can be used to upload and download control and production information


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Satellite Imagery showing the results of using the LAS Dragline Monitor's production lines.
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View the recommended cable and antenna placement for a crane with a 100' telescoping boom.  See the PDF here.

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