LAS Dragline Monitor LT  

The LogicAll Solutions (LAS) Dragline Monitor LT™ is an innovative application designed for use in dragline cranes. The system monitors dual GPS receivers and displays the position and orientation of the boom real-time to assist operators to make the most effective and efficient use of their vehicle. The Dragline Monitor LT provides a button on the screen for the operator to track bucket counts - tonnage is calculated at 50-100% of the maximum capacity of your bucket or can be a fixed value.  Production reports are available for on-screen viewing and log files are easy to collect for reporting.

The system consists of a touchscreen PC and a GPS module with two GPS antennas.  The GPS antennas are placed on the cab’s roof either in line with the dragline’s boom or perpendicular to it.  Our software monitors the receivers and with the coordinates provided, the PC will display the current orientation of the boom.  The software also allows you to define a cutline and a line for the pile, and these two lines are displayed on the screen. 

By following the feedback on the boom’s position in relation to the lines, dragline operator can create a straight cutline over time.  Having a straight cutline helps to minimize the loss of material that naturally happens when the material is out of the dragline’s reach.  The display on the PC also has a button which allows the operator to mark the boom’s position on the screen – this helps the operator to dig more consistently as he can see on the screen where he should be digging – this also minimizes the amount of material left behind.   If your dragline operates at night, having the feedback on the screen helps the operator maintain efficiency.  The system is set up to allow operators to log in and the total bucket count and production information is recorded for each operator.  If hoist feedback is available, the system can automatically track the bucket counts and tonnage processed.  A report is available with all of this valuable production information and the system is set up to transfer the log files to a USB flash drive with the click of a button.  The Dragline Monitor LT™ system is a great tool for increasing efficiency and productivity and the potential return on investment is nothing short of amazing.

Systems consist of a rugged 12” touchscreen screen PC with sub-meter accuracy GPS receivers.  The LogicAll Solutions’ software suite included with the systems has the following features:

  • Displays current position on map

  • Orientation of the boom and location of the boom’s tip

  • Displays production lines and the distance of the boom tip from the currently selected line

  • Unlimited number of production lines (toe of pile and no-entry zones) can be established ranging from parallel lines to grid formations

  • USB flash drives can be used to upload and download control and production information


Return on Investment (ROI) document - don't leave material behind!
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Satellite Imagery showing the results of using the LAS Dragline Monitor's production lines.
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LAS Dragline Monitor LT

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