The CEMEX Estero quarry in southwest Florida has been using the Dragline Monitor since the TerraRover system's inception in 2001.  From humble beginnings, the system continued to evolve into the gem it is today.  Paul Polakoff, the manager of the site when the system was first installed had this to say about the LAS Dragline Monitor system:

“Bigger buckets, new cables, operator training, we tried several different ways to increase the production rate of our dragline crane with little success.  Nothing we tried would keep enough material on the pile to stay ahead of the crusher. We decided to try the Dragline Monitor system from LogicAll Solutions. With a large screen displaying the position of the dragline along with the count of buckets and tons being put on the pile, the operators could see the results of their work. The GPS part of the Dragline Monitor helped give us a better overview of the dragline’s progress along the cut. Operators compared notes and shared techniques trying to get the Lead Operator position displayed on the main screen. The operator with the highest tons produced on their shift is automatically logged as the Lead Operator. Within weeks the dragline’s production increased so much that we regularly had a three week lead on the crusher. LogicAll Solutions said that the Dragline Monitor was a tool to increase productivity, and that’s exactly what it did.”

Paul Polakoff
Southwest Florida Aggregate Operations


Youngquist Brothers Rock in southwest Florida has been utilizing the Dragline Monitor system since May of 2006.  See the results of their using the system's production line display function.  Here are satellite images from GoogleEarth of the site's cutline and pile - before and after.

One of the reasons material is left behind is because the dragline can't reach it.  Using the production lines will help to keep the material within the boom's reach - minimizing the amount of material left behind.  As can be seen in the "after" images the pile is also tight and easier to process. 


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