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LAS Boom Monitor™ ~ Global

Note the Range/distance from the line to the boom tip

When you download the global demo, you will select the global quadrant where you are located.

Q1 = Quadrant 1
Q2 = Quadrant 2
Q3 = Quadrant 3
Q4 = Quadrant 4

LAS Boom Monitor™ ~ North America
LAS Boom Monitor Demo
Click on the image above to view a 1024x768 screen shot.


LAS Dragline Monitor LT™
LAS Boom Monitor™
Example of setting up the boom length and orientation

Click on the image below to view a full size screen shot. 

Example of how easy it is to set up the boom display.

LAS Line Builder™

Click on the image below to view the screen shots full sized.  Note that this application comes with all of our LAS TerraRover GPS systems to allow the user to edit waypoints easily.

Here's our Line Builder application.


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